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Transvestite Rabbit

Recently there’s been some hollering in my town about a muddy lot full of tents. It’s not the Occupy movement—haven’t heard much from them lately—it’s a tent city called Nickelsville.

Much like the Hoovervilles of the Great Depression, Nickelsville was named after a political leader—former Seattle mayor Greg Nickels—who failed to solve the problem of poverty and homelessness. This seems unfair as it’s a mighty difficult problem to solve, but the name has stuck.

Nickelsville is actually a well-organized and sensible (from the participants’ viewpoint) response to homelessness. There’s even a website: While Seattle has shelters for homeless people, there are not enough of them and they have some major downsides. Many homeless people consider sleeping in shelters to be more dangerous than sleeping in doorways or under the freeway bridge. Shelters for families are especially hard to come by. Most of all, shelters are not homes. You…

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Friday after a mind numbing day of accounting I eked out 60 minutes on the elliptical at very low resistance.

I didn’t want to lift because Saturday would be the first day back with the old people/masters swim group and the workout was non-freestyle intensive.

I think I did pretty well with all the butterfly and backstroke sprints and the freestyle was consistent. I’m still slow as molasses with my 50 repeats at 40-42 seconds, fly at around 55-60 and backstroke at 1:05-1:10. I just don’t have any kick in my right leg right now. Hopefully after another week the inflammation will settle, my knee won’t be overcompensating and I can get some propulsion with my dolphin kick.

I lifted for about 20 minutes concentrating on back, shoulders and tri’s then rode the spin bike for about half an hour, getting 11.2 miles in. I was pretty spent after the swimming and I’m sure I’ll feel it in the morning. I have 3200 yds tomorrow planned with longer repeats ranging from 300-600yds, no ‘land’ workout planned to give my hip a break.

My reward for a good weekend of workouts is seeing Monsters U with the Kiddo and my dad tomorrow before Kiddo goes to work – my version of ‘funishment’.

Totally worth it – I took a survey at Westport Village on shops I’d like to see in the area and the guy classified me in the 18-24 age group. I told him he could get more people to take the survey if he guessed like that more often. I was older than him by 3 years at a couple of weeks shy of the magical age of 42. Moisturize and sunscreen me! STAT!

What a freakin’ tough day at work.  It’s like work e-mail exploded for the one business day I was out of the office.  GAH!

After my day from hell, i was thinking about bailing on the gym and catching up on sleep but I’m glad I didn’t do that.  I swam a really strong 2000 yd workout and my 50’s were faster than they’ve ever been.  It’s slow for anyone who really swims but I was happy with my times. 

Tomorrow I’m planning to swim again in the morning then the spin bike at lunch to shake out my legs.  My hip was still bugging me from Sunday.  No flippers, no elliptical, nothing that will inflame the hip flexor. 

A huge and mighty big thank you to my friend KarenC for the kindest of invitations to tag along on her business trip to New Orleans.  We drank enough to be silly, eased back enough to feel chill, ate (at least on my end) more than what seemed humanly possible and walked enough for me to want to make a belt of ice to wrap around my hip.  She stuck with me through a dark night two hour voodoo/vampire/ghost tour of the city and the long hobble to the hotel.  Thank you for sharing your wandering ways and showing me the ways of your people.

I’ll get a proper post together soon.  I only dented the surface of this fascinating city and I definitely want to go back soon.

Hello from New Orleans!  I already stole the wrong luggage and drank hurricanes at Pat O’Brien’s and broke my purse and had one too many bloody marys but it’s awesome here and the beer chasers help.  The guys here are kind of kind of skeezy.  It smells like piss and puke here on Bourbon Street but the food is awesome. My friend Karen and I met a vendor at the bar and she was a theater major and now we share the same kind of sadness that people share when they realize the best years of creativity are behind them.  So we drink!  And we blog drunk in the lobby of the Sheraton in the French Quarter.  Awesome.  So actor musician evil overlord high priestess of awesomeness drinking to oblivion cheers!

6am 2500 yd swim with lots of back, fly and drills. Leg felt very funky but I know what caused it. I was doing 75’s and on one end of the pool, I’d do 20 starting block pull ups and after the next 75 I would do planks, total 100 pull ups and 5 x 1 min planks. The planks irritated my hip and kicks weren’t the same after that, especially with backstroke. I iced it after getting to work.

It felt better when I went back to the gym for 60 min elliptical. That’s my last workout for the week because it’s all hurricanes and pralines and gumbo and music and hopefully dancing and meeting new people all weekend.

Add this to the not fun and drives the dog barking mad: this morning at 2am one of the fire alarm low battery chirps went off. I took a quick trip to Walgreens since I didn’t have a 9volt anywhere in the house. After I changed the first alarm’s battery and went back to bed, the other 5 alarms each began low battery chirps spaced about 20-30 minutes apart until about 5am. If I were more than half awake I would’ve changed all the alarm batteries when I changed the first one instead of replacing one battery, getting cozy back in bed only to hear the ear piercing chrip followed by the pitter patter of tiny feet under ear piercing Pocky barks.

I’m catatonic. Time for bed then off to New Orleans!