MRI Results

It’s not a tear!!!!  But it’s super inflamed and aggravated by the cartilage degeneration.  So resting by laying back, icing the area, no elliptical and bike with resistance and halting PT until it’s ‘not angry’.  It’s crazy.  Sometimes I’m in intense pain but after a big, giant POP of my hip, it will subside.  I don’t know what’s getting trapped or displaced or dislocated but that popping is insane.

But the good news is no surgery, no need to be on crutches again, no need to take time off from work for medical reasons.  The only exercise I really, really, really need to work on is patience.

  1. Anita said:

    I’m glad to read this. No surgery – yay! No doing a bunch of stuff that helps you detox in other ways – boo!

    • Yeah, no more mosh pit. No more meeting young hot men in mosh pits. No salsa dancing. But I’ll be back in prime form later this year, I hope! Then it will be on to other adventures.

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