Tiny Celebration

Yes!  I’ve lost the 20 pounds I gained post-surgery!!!  My carrot was buying a new swimsuit because the size I’m currently wearing is a little saggy – saggy enough to hold in air when I’m flip turning and cause bubble butt in the least attractive way possible.

To get back to my best weight, I still need to lose 15 pounds.  The last few years, I was able to stay within 5 pounds of it depending on training but that all went downhill after my injury.

I went back on the food diary at myfitnesspal.com and I’d say stuck with it for the last three months relatively consistently.  I missed a few days but I recorded everything including the large feasts with my family.  Talking about being brutally honest, with food and drink, I sure know how to overdo it and it’s daunting to see it in print.

I’m canoeing this weekend with my daughter to celebrate Father’s Day (single mums get both in my eyes) and then to the high school graduation party of my godson.

Beep beep beep backing up, I’ve been having a sort of late night texting relationship with that guy I met at the Gogol Bordello concert.  It’s fun and new and nice not knowing where it’s going.  It doesn’t have to go anywhere as far as I’m concerned but he’s so laid back.  He wanted to hook up this weekend but . . . I’m in family mode.  Kiddo always comes first.


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