Quickie Post: Let’s Do Canoe!!!

Getting ready to leave with the Amazing Pocky Dog and the Kiddo for our annual Father’s Day Canoe Trip. It’ll be the dog’s first year as an official senior citizen but I’m hoping the trip won’t be hard on his little body. He loves to swim and he’ll be in the boat most of the time. We learned the hard way last year kayaking was not his thing. I take that back – it wasn’t our thing. This was because he kept jumping off the kayak to swim to other people and the current was so strong, we had trouble getting him back sometimes. Swimming in general will be good for his joints.

We’re only doing a half day but we’ll be under the gun to be done by 11am. We’ve done it before but it really depends on the crowd and the speed of the bus getting us to the start.

G’day, y’all! I hope to have a camera that doesn’t fall into the river and die a drowning death. Again. Times 3.

  1. Thanks for the idea. Now when my wife asks me what I want to do tomorrow, I think I may tell her it’s time to get out the Old Town canoe. Have fun.

      • I’m thinking about a lazy afternoon on the Delaware-Raritan Canal. The water level will be so high, I may have to duck as I go under the bridges.

  2. Anita said:

    We went down to Minuet for the first time in weeks today. Stormy weather every frickin’ weekend has been keeping us away, but today was beautiful. We got one sail on – and the dog behaved himself darn well.

    • Were you around boats all your life or is sailing a skill you’ve just picked up recently?

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