Thursday 6/20 Workout

Yesterday was a rest day – not intentional but I was pressed for time with a hair appointment and a rescheduled vet appointment.  I was going to swim afterwards but aftercare for Pocky took priority plus it wasn’t a good idea to swim just after I got my hair colored.  Pocky’s problem was what we identified it from Google images – a superficial pyoderma caused by staph.  Pimples from bacteria.  Since I’m not a vet and don’t trust my diagnostic skills, I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t worms.  This staph infection is nothing $100 can’t cure.  Ugh.

But I beam with pride every time one of the vets in the practice examines Pocky and says he’s got terrific musculature and is in terrific shape.  I do my best to keep him challenged like doing some of the canine food puzzles and letting him go all berzerker in the back yard.  He just LOVES running with the other dogs.  I’ll have to post a video once I can find that freakin’ cord.

Today’s workout was 50 minutes of spinning with just a bit of resistance.  Since I’m not ready to stand on the bike, I’m doing intervals of time in aero position to get used to it.  Again, sweating puddles for no good reason but that position makes me work hard.  It’s easier on my back, definitely, but am I faster?  I won’t know until I go outside and cycle and I’m not quite ready yet.  I think July will be my cycling month, 6 weeks until the Tour de Pork 28 or 56 mile routes.  I’m not looking to set a time record.  I just want to finish and earn wine tasting with lunch!

After work, I forced myself to swim.  I was very tempted to go straight home for a nap but since I’m going to New Orleans, I want to do what I can to combat praline and beignets and all the seafood.  Oh, and the booze.  I’m glad I swam.  I had a 2,000 yd workout that had a lot of drills so it was nice to concentrate on that instead of getting worn out with sprinting.  I finally got some backstroke flip turns down!!!  I was pretty surprised – usually I get dizzy and nauseous pushing off on my back but not this time.

And I was happy all my 100’s were under 1:45, some under 1:40.  It’ll take a long, long, long time before I’m back below 1:10 – even 1:20 per 100yds but I think aiming to knock off a few seconds a year is reasonable.  I know I’ll plateau at a certain point but so far, so good.  Last year for Cardinal Harbor’s half Ironman distance swim, I averaged 2:10-2:15 per 100 meters (so around 2:00-2:05 100yd) and I wasn’t swimming any other strokes.  It took 42 minutes to do 1.2 miles (swimming 2 laps around a buoyed path against and with current) with the same rate in the pool.  I think I’ve knocked about 5-6 minutes off that time this year though not in race conditions and with a compromised kick.  Since I’m not racing, I’m enjoying the luxury of being able to work on non-freestyle stuff.

Today’s song that revved me up underwater was, surprisingly, Layla.  I don’t even remember adding this to my swim playlist but when I was doing 3-1’s fly (kick 3 times underwater, come up for one fly stroke), this was just really cool.

And of course, I thought of Goodfellas.  Which got me thinking about Tony Soprano.  And then James Gandolfini.  I’ll have to make a separate post about my feelings on that because his death made me so sad.

If you want something to read on the Sopranos finale, this post is just brilliant.  I was doing a visual storytelling analysis of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (o, other life, other blog) when I saw the Sopranos finale and I was just captivated.



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