Quick Thanks

A huge and mighty big thank you to my friend KarenC for the kindest of invitations to tag along on her business trip to New Orleans.  We drank enough to be silly, eased back enough to feel chill, ate (at least on my end) more than what seemed humanly possible and walked enough for me to want to make a belt of ice to wrap around my hip.  She stuck with me through a dark night two hour voodoo/vampire/ghost tour of the city and the long hobble to the hotel.  Thank you for sharing your wandering ways and showing me the ways of your people.

I’ll get a proper post together soon.  I only dented the surface of this fascinating city and I definitely want to go back soon.

  1. Anita said:

    Ah, New Orleans – a visit is up there on my wish list. Glad you got to take a break!

    • We stayed at the Sheraton, a couple of blocks from Bourbon St. Unfortunately didn’t get to explore more music because of the time press so that’s a huge reason i want to go back. We should go!!!

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