Fri 6/28 and Sat 6/29 Workouts

Friday after a mind numbing day of accounting I eked out 60 minutes on the elliptical at very low resistance.

I didn’t want to lift because Saturday would be the first day back with the old people/masters swim group and the workout was non-freestyle intensive.

I think I did pretty well with all the butterfly and backstroke sprints and the freestyle was consistent. I’m still slow as molasses with my 50 repeats at 40-42 seconds, fly at around 55-60 and backstroke at 1:05-1:10. I just don’t have any kick in my right leg right now. Hopefully after another week the inflammation will settle, my knee won’t be overcompensating and I can get some propulsion with my dolphin kick.

I lifted for about 20 minutes concentrating on back, shoulders and tri’s then rode the spin bike for about half an hour, getting 11.2 miles in. I was pretty spent after the swimming and I’m sure I’ll feel it in the morning. I have 3200 yds tomorrow planned with longer repeats ranging from 300-600yds, no ‘land’ workout planned to give my hip a break.

My reward for a good weekend of workouts is seeing Monsters U with the Kiddo and my dad tomorrow before Kiddo goes to work – my version of ‘funishment’.

Totally worth it – I took a survey at Westport Village on shops I’d like to see in the area and the guy classified me in the 18-24 age group. I told him he could get more people to take the survey if he guessed like that more often. I was older than him by 3 years at a couple of weeks shy of the magical age of 42. Moisturize and sunscreen me! STAT!


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