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Due to seeing my niece, my sister, her husband, I caught something. I always catch something. I tried to avoid buffet style birthday dinner but alas. Now I’m feeling like I’m in a haze.

So 13 hours of sleep resulted in a slight fever and headache.

In other news, I’m a feedly convert now. Old Reader crashed. It’s a cute old reader. But Mrs. Patti Tucker raved and it was an easy switch. There’s an ap for it, too.

Back to work.

Oh, in workout news, 4.2km swim which I was happy with because I was taking it easy and the 2 mile mark was 1:04 including a break to talk to people joining my lane. That’ll work. Then zumba and more swimming Sunday.

There. Now back to work.


Thanks for the birthday wishes!!!

Below, a miracle on film. Bassoons in tune. You kind of have to get through several minutes of musical word puns first, though.

At 7:42pm on 7-17-71, I began 42.  42!!!!!  What a wonder of a primary pseudoperfect number.  And for most,  Hitchhiker’s Guide makes it the answer and catapults the number into legendary status.

41 was a tough as nails year.  The worst of the job with the unrealistic hours because of 8 straight months of almost 20 hour days.  My mother passed away.  Hip surgery.  Moving.  Lawyerly things.  Terrible timing with Christoph.  No vacation time, mandatory bed rest, crutches and squirrels.  It’s over, the old year.


42.  I’m wrong.  That’s my last 41 self-photo.

At work, I was sent some beautiful chocolate dipped strawberries, an angel food whipped cream frosted cake and then this little critter, a confectionery rendition of a familiar neurotic nutcase of a dog.

42 Cake

This dog looks like an asshole.  Yep.  That’s Pocky.


42.  I hope it’s as fun as I imagined. I have a great need for some joy.

Brief but effective, today for the masters swim group we did a mini-triathlon to help some in the group getting ready to do . . . some race somewhere up north but I wasn’t paying attention, sad to admit.  Groups of us alternated swimming, cycling and running.  In my case, it was dragging my gimpy leg.

Tim the coach made it a flexible tri practice where a person could bike 5-8 miles, run 1-2 miles and swim either a broken up practice of 100 warmup, 200 swim, 4×25 sprint, 100 cool down or 400 yards straight with 100 cool down.

I got to a spin bike first and went to 8 miles in 21 minutes.  I’ll take that.  I was sweating buckets by the end of it but I got to see what I call my bike boyfriend on screen:


He says that riding a bike is a lot like strumming a guitar.  He’s very into his bike.  I’ve named bike guy Kevin and his bike Cindy.

I got to a treadmill next and what happened was dragging my leg for 13 minutes to achieve a total of zero point four three miles.  Yeah, it sounds longer when I type out the numbers, 0.43 miles in 13 minutes.  That means about 2 mph.  It would only take me a bit over 13 hours to finish a marathon.

For the swim, I was wiped.  My hip was sore, I had a headache and I had trouble putting on my suit because I was stupid and didn’t come to the gym ready to swim under my other workout clothes so transition time was horrid.  I swam angry and didn’t feel any power in my arms at all until the very end.  I finished 400yd in 6:45 (about 1:41/100yd) then added a few sprints to shake off some extra energy before cooling down.  I really wish I could’ve just swam today, to be honest.  I was in the mood to work on longer distances and drills but maybe today’s shorter workout will benefit me tomorrow.

Sunday I’m swimming long (about 3600 yd), weights, then attending a zumba class before doing the National Dance Day seminar again.  I’m ready!!  Two weeks to go!

Oculus Reparo!!  C’mon, dammit.  This happened in the middle of my subadvisory fee analysis at 4:45 with only scotch tape at hand. These suckers became untaped 4 separate times in a couple of hours and I ended up working late, getting home at 8pm.

Sad. These are transition lenses and my new glasses don’t come in until July 20th. 
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Yeah, that looks about right.  Today my work husband (corporate tax director in the East) talking about how easy it is for him to zone out during a marathon and we talked zen in different disciplines.  Then we talked about who he thought would make good spies in the company and if dildosexual was a real world.  Ladies and gentlemen, corporate accounting at its best.

Today the stress just kept raining down at work so for my lunch break, I took a swim.  I’ve gotten it down, changing, swimming a mile, showering and back to the office (albeit looking like a wet dog) within an hour.  In a 25 yd pool, did 1000yd 18:12, 500 yd 8:55 and 250 yd in 4:21. My rabbit was a guy wearing flippers.  There were tons of swimmers in flippers today during lunch, I felt unfashionable!

I’m not going to hit my fantasy mark of 32:00 for 1.2 miles this summer but maybe in another couple of seasons with hard work, I can whittle my time down.  The super fantasy unicorn time is 56 minutes for 2.4 miles which my favorite database administrator achieved at an Ironman distance race somewhere in Europe.