Still Sorting Through How WordPress Works

I discovered by accident I could add non-wordpress sites to my reader so I imported my old Google Reader list.  Now it’s a mess.  I’m trying to see if there’s a way to sort subscriptions so I could have all my running/workout, politics, humor, sytycd, etc categories established.  It’s really important that I be able to sort through individuals from news feeds so I can comment on your posts. 

I need to sort out my own posts to get my workouts all on one page, separating them from my nonsensical posts.  Those who know me from Xanga may know there’s stuff I won’t publicly publish but I know there are Xangans who’ve relocated here so I need to figure out how to created protected posts. 

So lots of housekeeping to do.  But I really like what I’m experiencing so far. 

  1. I haven’t posted much in a while. I’ll get started again soon maybe.

    I can help with the protected posts thing. You can make something password protected and give out the password to that post to those you want to have it. I think it is easier that way. You can also change the password for the post last or even make it completely private for only your eyes. The options are in the right hand column in the publishing box area. You can also prewrite and schedule posts to be published at later dates. I have not been so organized as to employ this feature but have grand thoughts about one day being able to do so. — Not really. I can barely get my blog bum in gear.

    You know I am a former xangan so tag me, baybay. 😀 Sorry. I had dork for dinner.

    I was very amped to see you here btw. Cool!

    • Thanks for the tips! You’ll probably find many a Xangan scattering here and there – I guess Xanga’s about 50% there with fundraising but most everyone left I sub there is acting as if it will permanently close July 15. I won’t be putting up my old posts here yet but I archived through the end of last month.

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