Culture Shock 14: Even More Things That Suck About Living in Germany

This was awesome. I’m going back to your ealier posts – this was spot on! My s.o. is from Geldern and some villages are like stepping into a Thomas Kincaide painting with sheep and geese on the front lawn and all trees exactly the same height. Then going indoors is like walking into an Ikea catalogue. Yet nobody believes in a screen window or door so horse flies eat me alive.

Oh God, My Wife Is German.

As usual, I must begin by saying life in Germany is awesome and living here absolutely rules. I have, however, learned a thing or two about the harsh realities of life in this fine country. What follows is yet another list of discoveries, oddities and annoyances revealed as an expat American living in Hannover, Germany:

  1. No one cares that I’m American. When I first arrived in Germany, I thought I would stand out as a foreigner, like, obviously. I assumed my aura was a blinding fireworks display of stars and stripes.

    I thought I would be special here, and not just when I opened my yap and made with the Yankee talk, but also by my look, my clothes — hell, just the sweet nectar of freedom seeping from my pores — would be enough to out me as an American. I thought it would be so obvious I…

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