7/9 Tuesday Workout


Yeah, that looks about right.  Today my work husband (corporate tax director in the East) talking about how easy it is for him to zone out during a marathon and we talked zen in different disciplines.  Then we talked about who he thought would make good spies in the company and if dildosexual was a real world.  Ladies and gentlemen, corporate accounting at its best.

Today the stress just kept raining down at work so for my lunch break, I took a swim.  I’ve gotten it down, changing, swimming a mile, showering and back to the office (albeit looking like a wet dog) within an hour.  In a 25 yd pool, did 1000yd 18:12, 500 yd 8:55 and 250 yd in 4:21. My rabbit was a guy wearing flippers.  There were tons of swimmers in flippers today during lunch, I felt unfashionable!

I’m not going to hit my fantasy mark of 32:00 for 1.2 miles this summer but maybe in another couple of seasons with hard work, I can whittle my time down.  The super fantasy unicorn time is 56 minutes for 2.4 miles which my favorite database administrator achieved at an Ironman distance race somewhere in Europe.



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