7/13 Saturday Workout

Brief but effective, today for the masters swim group we did a mini-triathlon to help some in the group getting ready to do . . . some race somewhere up north but I wasn’t paying attention, sad to admit.  Groups of us alternated swimming, cycling and running.  In my case, it was dragging my gimpy leg.

Tim the coach made it a flexible tri practice where a person could bike 5-8 miles, run 1-2 miles and swim either a broken up practice of 100 warmup, 200 swim, 4×25 sprint, 100 cool down or 400 yards straight with 100 cool down.

I got to a spin bike first and went to 8 miles in 21 minutes.  I’ll take that.  I was sweating buckets by the end of it but I got to see what I call my bike boyfriend on screen:


He says that riding a bike is a lot like strumming a guitar.  He’s very into his bike.  I’ve named bike guy Kevin and his bike Cindy.

I got to a treadmill next and what happened was dragging my leg for 13 minutes to achieve a total of zero point four three miles.  Yeah, it sounds longer when I type out the numbers, 0.43 miles in 13 minutes.  That means about 2 mph.  It would only take me a bit over 13 hours to finish a marathon.

For the swim, I was wiped.  My hip was sore, I had a headache and I had trouble putting on my suit because I was stupid and didn’t come to the gym ready to swim under my other workout clothes so transition time was horrid.  I swam angry and didn’t feel any power in my arms at all until the very end.  I finished 400yd in 6:45 (about 1:41/100yd) then added a few sprints to shake off some extra energy before cooling down.  I really wish I could’ve just swam today, to be honest.  I was in the mood to work on longer distances and drills but maybe today’s shorter workout will benefit me tomorrow.

Sunday I’m swimming long (about 3600 yd), weights, then attending a zumba class before doing the National Dance Day seminar again.  I’m ready!!  Two weeks to go!


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