Oh goodness, catching up

Time flies by so fast and two weeks of non-blogging can easily become a month if I don’t watch it.

I learned the Everybody Dance choreography before getting to National Dance Day at the Kentucky Center for the Arts and wasn’t planning to do the Master Hip Hop Routine but I did it anyway and I am happy to say I hung in there with the best of them.  I did, however, screw up the Everybody Dance routine a gazillion times so I guess my muscle memory can only hold so much information before pushing other stuff out.  It was fun as hell!

Later that same day, I went to Fandomfest which, for us fans, was deemed a complete failure on the organizer’s part.  It was next to impossible to read the map, everything was way off schedule and I was happy I didn’t pay for anything extra because I heard people who paid for the VIP passes didn’t get anything they were promised.  Up to 150 volunteers failed to show up and it was obvious.  No signs at the convention center saying certain events were being held in a different building.  Queues for Q&A panels were disorganized and because the panels were off schedule, they asked the big draws of the evening to cut it short.  WTF?  I sat in on Stan Lee, members of the Firefly cast and John Barrowman from Doctor Who/Torchwood/Arrow/many musicals.  I was 6th in the queue to get Alan Tudyk’s signature when he broke for lunch – and because I was with my buddy Mary Beth, I gave up my place card for the line in order to speed hobble to get to a panel she wanted to attend.  I was in bad shape even though I had a cane – 2 hours of dancing, 14 hours on my feet, 2 hours of more dancing at the masquerade ball.  I couldn’t walk the next day!

I booked a vacation to go back to New Orleans over Labor Day week.  I have a short story for that but I didn’t realize about this time of year was when Katrina hit.  It’s the first trip I’ve ever booked over Groupon.  I’m not really sure how this hotel will work out but as long as there aren’t critters coming out of the wall, I’ll be okay.  If I’m staying in the hotel room more than being out, I’m doing New Orleans wrong.

Busy at work.  Busy busy busy busy.

I got a call from one of the companies that offered me a job then rescinded the offer because they hired an actuary instead.  I’m not sure if I want to go through with it yet.  I’ll find out more tonight.  I’m concerned about the viability of the company because if they couldn’t afford to create two positions, that’s not a good sign.  Then again, I once interviewed at a place that brought me in for 5 different positions and 3 second interviews and were contemplating another position when one solid offer somewhere else came through.  Ugh.

Workout-wise, I did a lot of the spin bike this week and I’ve been working a lot this weekend on bike maintenance.  Or as much bike maintenance as a doofus like me can do.  I changed both tubes which took, not kidding, an entire fucking hour because I couldn’t get the tire back on the wheel without it popping off in another section.  Changed my pedals, oiled the chain, put new tape on my clip on aerobars and put on the bike computer I got really cheap.  I found out why I got it super cheap, other than it being used.  No English instructions.  I started swimming again earlier this week but just short workouts and I saw a massage therapist at a different hospital on Friday which was AWESOME.  I learned some new stretches that would help my knee and my hip felt great.  The nurse taped it up and I’m trying to make the PT tape last more than a couple of days.  It’s not itchy yet so that’s a plus.  Fingers crossed.

I walked half a mile.  Yay!!


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