About 6 days ago I realized the Tour de Pork, a 25 or 50 mile route bike ride, was on August 10 and not August 18.  And also I haven’t ridden the bike outside at all since October 2012.  Um.  Okay.

My first problem is I’m not exactly sure how my balance is taking the bike off the trainer.  I’m wobbly walking on a path nevertheless using clipless pedals.  Even before my injury there was a 100% chance I’d fall at some point off or with the bike trying to do something simple like stopping.  Or moving.  Or trying to get a drink of water.  Nope.  So I changed the pedals back to the kiddie traditional ones.  Easy enough.  I don’t intend to crack another helmet and have neck pain for a month. 

Second was plain old saddle time.  When I had surgery, I splurged on a selle italia nice little cutout seat that is way more comfortable than the one that came with the bike.  Considering I had to ride at least 20 minutes a day from the day after surgery, it was more like a necessity than a splurge.  I got in an hour today without any issues except wishing I still had my clipless pedals on. 

Next problem was getting my bike computer to register both the pace and the cadence on the trainer.  I figured it out.  I can’t have my laptop on the aerobars and the wireless bike computer working at the same time.  Ah ha!  And ughhhh.  I watched an entire season of Wilfred that way, it’s not fair!  And that’s enough yuppie problems from this girl. 

I’m aiming to swim 2 miles tomorrow at 5am.  That was my aim the last two days and I slept until 6am instead. 

One last note. And it’s a bad one.

A woman in my swim group who recently moved away lost both her father and stepmother to a horrible crime this past weekend.  It’s made it hard to sleep at night knowing all these details.  Apparently two teens robbed them at their home, stabbed her dad 23 times and left.  Then they came back a little later and bludgeoned her stepmother who is sick and uses a wheelchair.  The kids were arrested a few blocks from my office for an unrelated crime when one of the pair shot at his own twin brother. 

The worst of coincidences Stephanie’s family suffered the stabbing of her brother 20 years ago by his roommate in Texas.   

My friend Anna (who introduced me to the swimming group) and I are going to make a donation in their memory which will go towards the cost of the funerals.  I have a card but I have no idea what to say yet.  I purposely tried to stay away from the word ‘memories’ because every time I read it in a card, I flashed to the number 23.  I can’t stop thinking of that number.  I imagine they can’t, either.



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