Ironman Louisville – Halfway Point

The Kid hit the halfway point at 6:13 – apparently still looking fresh on what’s becoming a hot day. He did a very respectable 1:38 for the swim and considering he skipped out on every 4000 yd or meter workout because he was out too late and just started swimming in the last year, he was very happy. He was expecting 1:50 or later.

I swam a workout yesterday that I saw on another injured runner’s website here and I hit one of the printed goal times at the very beginning. The rest was way, way, way, way too fast so I went at my own pace. My swimming mp3 player died the other day after 2 years of faithful service so it was a lot of being in my own head. Long live the waterproof iPod Shuffle. I started swimming again after a hot weather Chicago Marathon DNF. Full body cramps, puking, just bad stuff. I scaled back for a while but in the last 18 months, I’ve been swimming at least once or twice a week. In the last 8 months, 3-6 times a week. So hell yeah, I better be getting my 2.4 mi time down. Fantasy goal is to one day break 60 min but I’ll be happy with consistently being under 1:10.

On a side note, just don’t ever DNF Chicago. They drop you off at a tent with huge letters on a huge sign that says “RUNNER DROPOUTS” and all you can do is cry. Just go straight to your hotel if you can get a taxi or train. Do whatever you can to never see that sign.


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