Hippy Shakes

Howdy y’all – it’s been a while but I’ve been busy wrapping up my year so I could get a total hip replacement earlier this week.  It’s tough.  Everybody was telling me I’d be walking out of the hospital but nope.  Nope nope nope.  But admittedly, the worst of what I’m experiencing right now are side effects from painkillers.  Once that haze is gone, then I can concentrate on walking again.  I’ll write more when my head clears.  So Happy New Year and belated Merry Christmas!

  1. Anita said:

    Oh, wow – I had no idea this was coming up so fast. Major surgery indeed! May your recovery go well and your pain become manageable. I hate narcotic painkillers, I feel like they don’t reduce pain so much as they reduce my ability to care anymore. Sending you warm healing thoughts!

    • They squeeeeeezed me in at the end of my assessment “Oh, here we are – have an opening on December 23. The doctor is going on vacation after Christmas so this will be the last of the year.” Things are going well so far and for my recovery, I’m going to blog at HipRunner.com, cross posting here.

      Happiest of New Years to you!! 2013 can stay gone!!

  2. Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year filled with lots of pain-free walking.

    • I think of your beloved New Orleans and want to go back yet again but this time with mobility! Happy New Year – thank you for keeping your creative fires aflame!!

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