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My Week 3-4 progress post is in draft form but what happened yesterday was so exciting for me, I had to post it.

I walked normally without a cane all day long.

No big signs of a Trendelenburg gait, no knee pain, no weird feet. No weird feeling my legs were uneven. No wondering if there’s a shoe that could fix over/under pronation at the same time. No over analyzing if my right hip was dropping during turnover.

It was amazing and got me all up in my feels so I teared up a little.

Thursday was the 23rd and a month post surgery. It was a good day.

Ummmm . . . this is way, way, way off from my insurance company’s website which estimated the hospital and supply cost as $34,000.  This follows the general rule that it’s almost impossible to estimate surgery cost in my town.  Such a huge swing from Hospital #1 that estimated $15,000.

Itemized Bill


If you guessed “Peeing”, you’d be correct.

I’m definitely going to be stuck on the cane for a while until my quad and glutes get stronger on the right side and my muscles loosen up.  So tightening and loosening.  Simultaneously.  No small task.  I’m stiff so it’s altering my gait which sucks.  I’m up to 5-7 minutes of walking using the support bars on the treadmill, practicing my foot going from heel to toe in a forward motion vs. a pigeon toed landing from pre-surgery.  It’s hard work but I’m devoted to it.

My bandages fell off this morning!  Ewwwwwwwwwwneat!  The doctor used stitches my body will eat up underneath dermabond.  For the last week, my right leg has been itchy as hell under all its bandages.  No lotion or ointments and winter air, I’m freakin’ ashy.  But here is my 4 inch scar and my icky bandage that was superglued to my skin.


IMG_4920Nice job on the laser hair removal.  As you can see, totally bikini ready.

On New Year’s day, I got my buddy back.  He was driving my Tita nuts because he kept talking and howling.  He’s used to having a whole house to explore, not being kept to a room.  He’s a great hot water bottle and hasn’t been a bother at all under foot.

20140101_190348How you doin’?