Monthly Archives: January 2016

After a series of start and go private entries about 2015, I’ve decided to keep those private and attribute those to part of the process of working out complications from last year.  I don’t think there’s a ‘better’ for some of it.  But the rest is good.

Site keeping wise, I’ve completely forgotten the password for semi-private posts so I’m not publishing anything I’d prefer to show my friends only list yet.  Such a tiny list vs Xanga days!  But still important.

To sum up changes in the last couple of years since my last post:

  • I no longer work for crap ass company where I had no time for a private life
  • I’m a full time student at a community college
  • Once a week I’m asked if I’m going to medical school and it’s freaking me out
  • My daughter FINALLY GRADUATED FROM U of L!!!!
  • My daughter is also getting married in September
  • My daughter will move next year to St. Louis . . . with Pocky . . . which makes me sad
  • I’m no longer seeing German animation guy after 7 year.  We’re friends now after a first few very tense months.
  • After 3 years of hardly walking, I started running again in 2015 with 2 half marathons (1 horribly hungover), 2 super sprint tri’s (horribly hungover) and a 5k (not hungover but on busy sidewalk which SUCKED).
  • In 2 years I had to deal with 7 follow up visits for mammograms which was weird.
  • In December ’15, I got the all clear and see you in a year on the mammogram.  Then got a letter saying I needed to come back for a follow up.  Da fuq?
  • I got to utilize my zombie makeup skills and found I have a talent for texturing and shading open wounds
  • And stuff I’ll sum up when I figure out password only posting again.

Hopefully your year’s going well so far, especially those of you who got freakin’ cancer.  That’s a handful of you from Xanga who I still see on Twitter.  Beat that shit.

Yeah, I know.  This content is for crap but I’ll get the hang of it again.  Take care.