Dusting Off Again

After a series of start and go private entries about 2015, I’ve decided to keep those private and attribute those to part of the process of working out complications from last year.  I don’t think there’s a ‘better’ for some of it.  But the rest is good.

Site keeping wise, I’ve completely forgotten the password for semi-private posts so I’m not publishing anything I’d prefer to show my friends only list yet.  Such a tiny list vs Xanga days!  But still important.

To sum up changes in the last couple of years since my last post:

  • I no longer work for crap ass company where I had no time for a private life
  • I’m a full time student at a community college
  • Once a week I’m asked if I’m going to medical school and it’s freaking me out
  • My daughter FINALLY GRADUATED FROM U of L!!!!
  • My daughter is also getting married in September
  • My daughter will move next year to St. Louis . . . with Pocky . . . which makes me sad
  • I’m no longer seeing German animation guy after 7 year.  We’re friends now after a first few very tense months.
  • After 3 years of hardly walking, I started running again in 2015 with 2 half marathons (1 horribly hungover), 2 super sprint tri’s (horribly hungover) and a 5k (not hungover but on busy sidewalk which SUCKED).
  • In 2 years I had to deal with 7 follow up visits for mammograms which was weird.
  • In December ’15, I got the all clear and see you in a year on the mammogram.  Then got a letter saying I needed to come back for a follow up.  Da fuq?
  • I got to utilize my zombie makeup skills and found I have a talent for texturing and shading open wounds
  • And stuff I’ll sum up when I figure out password only posting again.

Hopefully your year’s going well so far, especially those of you who got freakin’ cancer.  That’s a handful of you from Xanga who I still see on Twitter.  Beat that shit.

Yeah, I know.  This content is for crap but I’ll get the hang of it again.  Take care.


  1. Anita said:

    Well, I’ve been having a good week and a great day and what did I find in my blog reader but a post from you. This just turned a great day into a fantastic day! Lots of ch-ch-ch-changes listed above, happy and not so much. It really is great to read your update, and I’m very happy that you are no longer chained to a computer. Sending you much love. One thing gobsmacks me though – it’s bad enough that your daughter will move away, but she’s also taking the dog?!?!?!?

  2. Yeah. It’s a point of discussion. Pocky’s been almost exclusively mine since Kiddo got engaged the 2nd time as she spent most of her time with her future devoted supplicant. But he doesn’t go batshit crazy with me the way he does with her, beaming smiles and a tail that could shatter glass with its wagging.

    Getting laid off hell company has done wonders for my health. I’ve lost weight, I feel like I’m using more of my brain and I’m not having nightmares about how much work I don’t know how to generate nevertheless hitting a deadline. I’m working part time as a systems analyst where I’m coding and frankly, it’s kind of soothing. I know how it works, I know the answer I need to get and it’s up to me to decide the pathway of how to get there. Could I do it full time? I don’t know. It’s not on the table as an offer so I can’t think about it. But it’s one more step away from accounting.

    School . . . that’s a whole other post! Just glad to know my brain didn’t completely atrophy from my old job’s over committed schedule. I’d rather lose sleep studying than worrying.

    Much love, peace and healthy thoughts to you.

  3. Soobee said:

    Holy crap, she’s graduating?! She’s getting married?! Wasn’t it just yesterday that she graduated high school? Also, super glad you’re out of that crappy job.

    • Kiddo is marrying a Republican and has since voted primarily Republican. Not that I’m bitter. I love many Republicans! She has her own path. Not that I’m bitter!

  4. I wake up and BAM! there you are in my RSS feed! Happy to have you back in the blogging ranks. Sounds like you’re getting thangs straight. Love it.

    The mammogram suckage. Ask them if you have dense breast tissue. IF so, you might qualify for an ultrasound after the mammograms, which are so much more accurate and might lead to less follow-ups and anxiety.

    • This next visit will definitely be an ultrasound. Knock on wood, that’s all I’ll ever need!! I shouldn’t complain about the inconvenience of it, I’m thankful for all visits that result in nothing.

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