Monthly Archives: February 2016

I’m biting the bullet and seeing an academic adviser about what I need to do to get into medical school.  My sister told me her doctor went to med school in her 40’s and got through in one piece which is the kind of stuff I want to hear, need to hear.  It’s not like what I’m doing will be a waste of time.  In fact, timing wise, it’s sort of falling into place.

At the end of March, all the applications to the Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) program need to be in to the coordinator and acceptance letters will go out in June.  If I’m not accepted, whatever classes I’m taking now will only help me if I transfer to the University of Louisville.  I will bite the bullet to figure out what type of science I can finish out for a BS, study for the standardized tests/MCATs and start applying for med schools.

It’s kind of crazy to say my backup for the PTA is to beg and borrow $xxx,xxx for med school.  But all of that is way better than corporate finance to me.  No disrespect to those who love what they do in private equity and insurance because it’s a good enough gig if you like that stuff or just want to make money.

Part of what’s driving the med school idea are the little voices in my ear that keeps saying I can do this.  One of the voices, my older sister, absolutely loves this idea.  She’s fully supportive and says she’s jealous which I thought was incredibly sweet to admit.  Another voice is a Biology professor I’m hanging out with lately who’s not my boyfriend but we’re still figuring out what the hell is going on week to week.  Yeah.  That’s been fun.  He’s not MY Bio professor.  That would violate ethics.   Not sure what happens if I transfer to U of L but that assumes we’re still (or whatever) dating or we haven’t killed each other with sarcasm by then.  Last voice is my daughter.  Where the idea of letting her graduate with any student loan debt was a huge deal to me, this is med school.  No way anybody like me could pay it without help.  But as for the academic part, she thinks I can do it because she’s seen me stay up days in a row to finish 3 different people’s jobs for investment accounting, financial reporting and budget.  I may cry, but I don’t quit.

My appointment is next month, wish me luck!